The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (Bay Area UASI) is a regional program that provides financial support to improve the Bay Area’s capacity to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist incidents or related catastrophic events. Projects facilitated by the program enhance regional capability through collaboration and allocation of funds available.
The Challenge
The Bay Area UASI’s previous website utilized Microsoft SharePoint to upload necessary documents to their internal site. They engaged Firegiants for an entirely new interactive website to replace their outdated and hard to navigate SharePoint site. Due to the needs of the management team, they wanted an updated approach with an external web presence easily accessible by the public, and an internal maintenance structure, making updates by the their team effortless. There was a strong emphasis on the need to have an organized, easy to use content management system and a design that would improve the user experience while maintaining a professional feel.
The Solution
firegiants designed, developed and continues to maintain the Bay Area UASI’s innovative new website. Staying in line with the company’s image, we made sure to update the central homepage, individual program pages, document library, calendar, and contact form. We also created a needs based architecture framework that can easily be changed by the UASI site administration while focusing on seamless navigation and design enhancing the user experience.  |  866-324-5610
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