This is one of five modules from an application called ExitTicket. ExitTicket is a student response system designed to accelerate student achievement in the classroom through real-time concept checks for understanding and immediate intervention. As Leadership Public Schools' Innovation Fellow in Residence I am the chief architect and designer of ExitTicket.
Classroom Teacher Control Module: This is the iPad version of teacher's module that allows the teacher to see, in real time, all student answers and trending. It shows big data across a 'rolled up' aggregated view of the classroom environment all the way down to the granular view of each student and their answers. 
By using the Classroom module, the teacher is able to control the student and projector modules directly from the iPad. 
All gauges (both radial and linear) are original designs and hand coded into JavaScript widgets by the dev team.
Main Menu: From the main Dashboard, the teacher is able to have a birds eye view of everything happening in the classroom. They can tell when students are logged in or not, current percent done per student and per class. They are also able to control the information being projected at the front of the class. 
Navigation Menu is revealed underneath the main panel for easy and instant access. The teacher is able to select any section and group and immediately view real-time data about that class. 
Pop-up detailed view of a student's answers and progress. Each question can be corrected immediately by the teacher if necessary, and all answers that the student makes appears in real-time. 
Projector control module: The teacher has the ability to remotely control the projector and the data it is displaying to the classroom via the iPad. There are several screens available to the teacher depending how much or how little they want to show information. 
Question Detail pop-up menu: A teacher can tap on any question listed in the Classroom module and get a preview of the question. The teacher can correct the answer if necessary and the system automatically recalculates scores for all students that answered correct but were marked incorrect due to the teacher's error. 
ExitTicket in Action on PC's in Leadership Public Schools, Richmond Campus, 9th Grade Academic Numeracy.
ExitTicket in action on iPod Touches in Leadership Public Schools Hayward, Algebra 1 class. 
ExitTicket being trialed with 4th and 5th grade elementary students for the first time at Learning Without Limits Charter School in Oakland, CA.  
Charging and synching a classroom set of iPod Touches used by the students to input their answers. 
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