Home to one of the top 10 busiest seaports in the world, the 16th busiest airport in the nation and handling more than 855,000 passengers annually through cruise terminals, The Port of Seattle plays a vital role in the Pacific Northwest’s community. For the past century, the Port has contributed to the livelihood of Seattle area residents and their ability to travel and see the world. So when they asked us to create an interactive online experience covering the Port’s 100-year history, we jumped at the chance!
The Challenge
Going in, The Port of Seattle already had a vivid and rich logo for the project and wanted all subsequent content to closely match the style. So, firegiants’ design team carefully began the creation of a cohesive color scheme and an overall look and feel. It was firegiants goal to bring to life an interactive online experience in the form of a map and timeline covering the Port’s 100-year history and long term involvement with King County and world culture.
The Result
Firegiants worked closely with the team at Port of Seattle to create a stunning compilation of vintage photography paired with a modern design and interactive magic. We made sure all content on the site loaded lightening quick to enable an instantly gratifying experience into the exploration of the history of their organization. The Port of Seattle’s new site surpassed their expectations and fulfilled their primary goal of spreading the word about the Port’s impact on the community, all while maintaining a visually captivating and informative design.  |  866-324-5610
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